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Accessorizing your wedding

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Accessorizing your wedding

You found the dress, now it's time to get accessorizing. Here are some thoughtful tips to select the right jewelry for your big day. 


  1. Consider the design of your dress - Wearing a deep-v back and want to show it off? A long, toggle necklace that cascades down your back is a great way to accentuate your look. Does your dress have a plunging neckline? A longer pendant necklace or some subtle layering will look amazing. Have a higher neckline and want to draw attention toward your face and hair? Statement earrings are the way to go. 
  2. Select a single statement piece - Try to avoid multiple statement pieces. An ornate headpiece, large earrings, a jeweled necklace, and stacked bracelets will likely overwhelm your look. If you'd like larger earrings, choose a dainty necklace; if you want a statement necklace, go minimal with the rest of your jewelry. 
  3. Compliment your wedding style - If you fancy yourself a traditional bride and your wedding dress reflects that, it may throw your look off-balance to select uber modern jewelry. If your wedding look embodies a bohemian spirit, then a tight updo with conservative jewelry may not be the way to go. You want your jewelry to reflect your overall aisle style and feel for the day.   


If you need style consulting for the big day, contact Whim! You can also shop our collection of wedding jewelry at Anthropologie's own