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Our Story


Whim Jewelry is a manifestation of a love for jewelry, style, and a desire to enhance natural beauty. You will find a carefully curated collection of high-quality, versatile, and timeless pieces that can transcend from day to night, from everyday wear to special occasions. Each piece is designed by hand by Founder Jaime Huizing, whose philosophy is to combine the simple with the artful, and to firmly stand behind each creation. Learn more about Whim's story here. 


From Founder and Designer, Jaime Huizing

My grandmother raised me to love fashion and style. We always shopped in small, local boutiques and sought new and exciting designers. I fell in love with the art of finding something unique and admiring the craftsmanship. At age 12, with my grandmother, I purchased my first pair of leather pants. From there, I saw how style and fashion could be an extension of my true self. Jewelry happens to be the medium that best-suited my skills and talent. I took metal-design classes, I shadowed friends who could teach me varying components of owning a business, and the rest is history.